Bold Dreams For Our Future: Part I

This session is part of the PRe_ series of happenings, designed to lead willing adventurers into Department of DreamsRe_ festival with an expansive mind and an open heart. Taking place 17th—21st June 2020, Re_ will explore multiple realities and futures through a many and varied collection of talks, conversations, workshops and creative interventions of all kinds.

The Department of Dreams exists in the space-time continuum as a different dimension, only fully discoverable by entering through a portal, a portal we will lead you to, guide you through, and bring you out of once the festival ends.

The space between these two journeys – the place between what is and what is next – is the fertile void. The fertile void is a deeply creative, generative place. It is both a necessary transition and a difficult one to pass through. It is where the osmosis of wisdom and knowledge takes place. It is the phase of the journey for channelling intuition, and emergence. It is the wellspring of courage and vision. And it is a place to dream, a place for imagining vivid alternatives.

Come and journey with us, come and dream with us. We invite anyone coming to take part in Re_ festival to gather with us and to inhabit this space, to leave behind any constraints in your daily life and be able to take back ideas that are practical and applicable to the world outside so that some of these ideas and inspirations can begin life in CIVIC SQUARE and beyond.

Designed as a four part journey, Bold Dreams For Our Future is accessible both before and after Re_ festival as individual or a full series of sessions, all designed and hosted by The New Constellation.

All sessions will take place via Zoom. Registration is required due to limited spaces, so please book your place here for the series, or individual sessions.

All Bold Dreams for our Future sessions details:

The journey into the portal
Part I: Monday 8th June, 6pm [book here]
Part II: Monday 15th June, 6pm [book here]

The journey out of the portal
Part III: Monday 22nd June, 6pm [book here]
Part IV: Monday 6th July, 6pm [book here]

About The New Constellation

We live in an era of transformation in which everything is in flux. We know we are failing each other, future generations and our planet. We know that radical change is needed, but it will not be enabled by the existing paradigms, which feel antiquated, dysfunctional and obsolete.

The New Constellation charts a community whose work, craft and practise is committed to bringing about a better future for all. We come together to share inspiration and to learn how to midwife new ways of being and doing into mainstream culture. We take great inspiration from nature. We commit to hope and action over despair and division.

We share a belief in the possibility of a better, more beautiful future emerging from this moment of huge change: a new golden era of human and planetary wellbeing. We will not find it through the same old ways and means. We must venture into the unknown.



Jun 08 2020


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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