Moral Imaginations: Part III

This session is part of the Re/Entry series of happenings, designed to create a landing space on the other side of Department of Dreams‘ Re_ with reflections, inspiration and futures frames to manifest dreams in reality. Taking place 17th—21st June 2020, Re_ will explore multiple realities and futures through a many and varied collection of talks, conversations, workshops and creative interventions of all kinds.

Moral Imaginations is a methodology developed to facilitate rigorous imagining for moral futures. It takes a rigorous approach to imagining and shifts perceptions of time, space and self to allow creative explorations of better futures for people, life-forms and planet. It’s informed by complexity theory, systems thinking, deep ecology and mythology, and can be experienced as a group or accessed alone. For a taste of what Moral Imaginations is, please read this story: The Impossible Train.

We invite the weird, wyrd, strange and liminal. What comes out of these sessions is beyond what we can rationally understand and capture and quantify. We create shared portals into other dimensions of being. It belongs to everyone. Join us.

Designed as a three part journey, Moral Imaginations is accessible before, during and after Re_ festival as individual or a full series of sessions, all designed and hosted by Phoebe Tickell.

All sessions will take place via Zoom. Registration is required due to limited spaces, so please book your place here for the series, or individual sessions.

All Moral Imaginations sessions details:

Part I: Thursday 11th June, 6pm [book here]
Part II: Sunday 21st June, 6pm [book here]
Part III: Friday 10th July, 6pm [book here]

About Phoebe Tickell

Phoebe is a complex systems thinker developing new routes and approaches to perceiving and acting in complexity. An ex-microbiologist and 10+ years systems thinker, she works across multiple societal contexts applying a complexity and systems thinking lens and has worked in organisational design, advised government, the education sector and the food and farming sector. Most recently, she works in the field of philanthropy and funding. She is working with The National Lottery Community Fund to implement systems-thinking approaches and leading insight and learning at the Digital Fund. She is a highly experienced and trained facilitator of groups, and regularly works with organisations, conferences, decision-making committees and distributed teams to facilitate coherence and collective intelligence.

Her long-term mission is to bring about a revolution in perception — to perceive complexity, interdependence, vitality, and the inherent and unquantifiable value of nature. She does this through “Moral Imaginations” — which has the mission to galvanise a generation of people that exercise their imaginations collectively for moral futures. She is an Associate Lecturer at Schumacher College, an ecological design and complexity school, and sits on the Advisory Board for the International Bateson Institute.


Jul 10 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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