A bold approach to visioning, building and investing in civic infrastructure for neighbourhoods of the future.

Key Areas

1 / Public Square

A vibrant home to collectively owned and built 21st Century civic and social infrastructure. A place to gather, make, create, grow, organise, play and connect.

2 / Neighbourhood Economics Lab

An experimental social lab, focused on exploring, experimenting and testing and building resilient, regenerative neighbourhoods. Rooted locally and connected globally through partners and projects.

3 / Creative + Participatory Ecosystem

A connected, collaborative, and open platform, shaping our everyday experiences by placing creativity and participation at their heart.


  • builds on Impact Hub Birmingham
  • is reimagining the Public Square
  • works within the Neighbourhood Unit of Change
  • is an Everyday Extraordinary place
  • operates as a Regenerative Business
  • is committed to Design Systemically
  • is nerdy about The Dark Matter
  • acknowledges City Fault Lines
  • is making a Long Term Investment
  • is Designed to Spread